Our comprehensive list of services includes the following:

  • Expert maintenance and protection of natural (marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, etc.) and artificial (terracotta, brick, concrete, etc.) tiles, paving, grout and work surfaces.
  • Professional cleansing, colour enhancement and sealing of porous surfaces.
  • Surface rejuvenation – even with regular cleaning, porous surfaces build up dirt and discolourations which degrade the look of the surface over time. Most surfaces benefit from professional deep pore cleansing, which breaks up stains and draws out dirt to leave the surface looking brighter and newer.
  • Damaged or faded pavers? – we restore pavers back to their original colour. See our before and after photos under Our Work.
  • Regular 6 or 12 monthly maintenance cleaning of paved and tiled areas – a very popular service.
  • Expert advice and technical support for cleaning and maintenance of porous surfaces.
  • Easy-to-read written maintenance instructions provided to all clients.
  • Is leaching ruining the look of your beautiful stone? – we can also clean and protect your stone wall cladding and pool coping from salt attack & leaching lime and efflorescence.

We work mainly in the Brisbane. Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast region, however we can distribute Dry-Treat™ sealants and cleaners Australia-wide



Dry Treat Reseller

We use and distribute Dry-Treat™ sealers that are a unique Australian technology. These world leading impregnating sealers & enhancers are perfect for natural stone, bricks, paving, tiles, engineering concrete & grout.

Along with Hanafinn™ specialty cleaning products for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Your surfaces become easier to clean, maintain, and keep looking good for longer.

For more information on how you can get these amazing product please Contact Us.